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Sunday Service

Join us in Brown Hall every Sunday at 10:00 AM for worship during the winter months.

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Sunday School

Sunday School in held at 10 AM on Sundays during the school year.

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Bean Dinners

Come to Brown Hall once a month for our bean dinners during the summer.

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The Church's Mission Statement and A brief history of Elm Street Congregational Church

Church Mission Statement - With God's guidance and the teachings of Jesus Christ, we will work together in the spirit of love, friendship, and respect, to grow our church and our ministries; to be spiritually, physically, and financially sustainable for the foreseeable future.

Church History - A land grant establishing the town of Bucks Town (later to become Bucksport) mandated the community provide for a church. In 1793, the Town voted to raise eighteen pounds to support the gospel, and pastors from the Massachusetts Missionary Society preached on an irregular basis. In 1803, Reverend Mighill Blood was called to serve as the first minister at an annual salary of $300 and served the Congregational Church from 1803 to 1840. He first preached in private homes, and in 1814 the first meeting place was built on Oak Hill in Bucksport. In 1818, the Sunday school was formed because the parents felt their children needed moral and religious education.

In 1838, the present house of worship was built on Elm Street as it was felt this was a better location. The committee paid eight dollars per rod for the seventy rods on the corner lot, and the selling of shares helped finance the building. In 1863, alterations were made to the sanctuary to accommodate the Hooke organ. The original bell cracked during the celebration marking the end of the Civil War, and a new bell was placed in the belfry in 1867. The present vestry was built in 1876.

The corporate seal was designed November 23, 1915 and included two concentric circles with the motto “Send Out the Light” and a lighthouse spreading rays. The church constitution was adopted February 28, 1916, and its articles of incorporation were received May 19, 1916.

Many clubs and organizations were formed to better the church and the community. Celebrations were held to honor the 100th, 125th, 150th, 175th, and 200th anniversaries of the church. The 200th celebration was lasted for a year and included the start of our Memorial Garden. Other recent memorable events included the remodeling of the church basement in 1960, and the sanctuary renovation in 1962. An addition to the vestry was built in 1977-78, and the church was listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 1990. The steeple was replaced in 1993, and a third bell was installed in 1994 due to an irreparable crack in the previous one.

By Joyce Sanborn, Historian

Church Team

Employees and Volunteers for Elm Street Congregational Church

Rev. Debra Arnold


Johanna Valenzuela

Administrative Assistant
Johanna has charge of the scheduling, phones, and general office tasks that keep the church functional from day to day.

Lori Hunt

Sunday School Team
Our Sunday School Teacher, who plans the lessons, plays and songs with Mr. Friedell’s assistance for the Elm Street Congregational Church Sunday School

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